About Us

Qunova’s mission is to make quantum computing more accessible to scientists and engineers striving to solve the critical challenges that humanity faces, and open innovative new horizons.

Integrated solutions for computing in the quantum era

We aim to provide drug and material designers with a turn-key solution that utilizes the power of quantum computing to enhance speed and reliability.

Our envisioned solutions will enable end-users to effectively tackle complicated problems such as modeling electronic structures and fragment molecular orbitals.

In addition, our managed cloud solutions will provide unified access to the quantum clouds of diverse hardware providers with enhanced performance.

Qunova’s core quantum simulation and machine learning technologies can be applied to other areas, including fintech, advanced product design, logistics optimization, and other AI applications.

As a result, our clients will be able to

  • Attain
    Improved Reliability

  • Generate
    Superior Results

  • Enhance
    Innovation Efficiency

  • Reduce


We are a multinational team of Ph.D. level quantum specialists,
supported by a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of experts in
various quantum related fields.

  • June-Koo Kevin Rhee, Ph.D.
    CEO/CTO, Founder, Chair of BoD
    Google Scholar

  • Karl Hyuk Kang, CPA
    CFO, Member of BoD

  • Francesco Petruccione, Dr.rer.nat.habil.
    Fellow, Chair of Scientific Board & Co-Founder
    Google Scholar

  • Whie Chang, Ph.D.
    Member of BoD & Co-Founder

  • Heejeong Jeong, Ph.D.
    Head of R&D, Director
    Google Scholar

  • Woo Shik Kang
    Head of Planning, Director

  • Johanna I. Fuks, Ph.D.
    Technical Leader, Quantum and Chemical Physicist & Co-Founder
    Google Scholar

  • Doo Hyung Kang, Ph.D.
    Technical Leader, Quantum and Chemical Physicist

  • Pratanphorn Mai Nakliang, Ph.D.
    Technical Leader, Quantum and Bio Chemist
    Google Scholar

  • Daryl Chong
    Technical Manager, Quantum SW Engineer
    Google Scholar

  • Eyuel E. Elala
    Technical Manager, Quantum Scientist

  • Jeung Rac Lee, MSc.
    Technical Manager, Quantum SW Engineer

  • Shane McFarthing, MSc.
    Technical Manager, Quantum and Computer Scientist

  • Eleni Michael, Ph.D.
    Technical Manager, Quantum and Bio Physicist

  • Aidan Pellow-Jarman
    Technical Manager, Quantum and Computer Scientist

  • Rowan Pellow-Jarman
    Technical Manager, Quantum and Computer Scientist
    Google Scholar

  • Jiwon Shin, MBA
    Manager, Admin. and Management

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Professor

    Kyoung-Tai NoYonsei University

  • Professor

    Gwan-Su YiKAIST

  • Professor

    Young-Min RheeKAIST

  • Professor

    You-sung JungKAIST

  • Professor

    Joon-woo BaeKAIST

  • Professor

    Soo-joon LeeKyung Hee University



  • The KOTEC/KIBO selected Qunova Computing Inc. as an 'IP-Value Strong Small Enterprise' to support a 'IP Value Plus Guarantee' of 1 billion KRW, reflecting the technical valuation of quantum computing software solutions. (December 26, 2023)

  • Qunova Computing opens a new headquarter office in 316 Gajeongro Chrono Building Suite 501, Yuseong, Daejeon and another new office in 364 Gangnamdaero Fast Five Suite 1313, Gangnam, Seoul. (August 2023)

  • Qunova Computing completed a seed round funding with investments from ID Ventures, TInvestment partnering Megazone Clouds, Bluepoint Partners, and BDCLabs - December 22, 2021.

  • Qunova Computing won the Rigetti Partner Award at the Hackathon 2021 of the CDL Bootcamp for Cohort 2021.

  • Qunova Computing admitted to the Korean Government’s TIPS (Accelerator Investment- Driven Tech Incubator Program for Startup) Program, and will receive an R&D grant. (June 2021)

  • Qunova Computing receives angel funding from BDC Labs and Venture Square. (May 2021)


We are hiring talented scientists, engineers, and business developers in the fields of drug discovery, quantum computing, bioengineering, artificial intelligence, and high performance computing.

Job Listing

Qunova Computing recruits talents in the area of quantum chemist, medicinal chemist, quantum SW developers, and front-end engineers. (December 2023)

  • Quantum Computing Scientist/Engineer

    Technical Leader

  • Quantum Computing Scientist/Engineer

    Technical Manager

  • Quantum Chemist/Biochemist Scientist

    Technical Leader

  • Quantum Chemist/Biochemist Scientist

    Technical Manager

  • HPC System Engineer

    Technical Leader

Contact Us

Qunova Computing Inc.

316 Gajeongro, Chrono Building Suite 501, Yuseong, Daejeon 34130, Republic of Korea